The Total Denim look

We all have jeans and a denim jacket in our dressings, so why not wear them together?

Yes! the total denim look has been trendy for few seasons ! Black, blue, Light jeans… All the colours work. Denim look is a good option in each wardrobe whether your style is rock , street, chic or casual everything is possible with a total denim look.

I would say the hardest thing for me is to find me the denim jacket that will exactly match the colour of the jeans, especially when you decide to go for a blue jean look… But nobody said fashion was easy !

Total denim is great to hang out in the week-ends !

*Total black denim look

Classic Streetwear

We all have these days us , “fashion addict” when we do not know what to wear and we just want to feel relaxed and comfortable (without giving up on our fashion attitude).

Simple but effective a simple choose an oversized sweater and a basic blue jean that everyone should have.

I went for an Adidas sweater and a tapered jeans from Asos. Add a pair of sneakers and you ready to slay.

Like Andrea Del Sarto will tell you: less is more

  1. Adidas sweater (By the way its on sale) !!
  2. Blue jean